Student sighting

I normaly post a sighting of a chair by a student but here is one of Nicole Ware in a Hans Wegner Ox chair.  Thank you Anna Behrendt.  This is one of my favorite chairs.

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Farewell Gae Aluenti

Gae Aluenti, an Italian Architect and Furniture Designer died in her home in Milan Wednesday at the age of 84.  I was first introduced to her Locus Solus Group (1968 produced by Zonatta)  in 2008 in Patrick Lucas’ Interior Architecture 222 class.  I remember that Gwen McKinney was our chaircard grader and marked my card wrong because I didn’t draw the group, only the single chair.  I worked on the lines and began to appreciate her fluid approach to design.  Don’t judge too heavily as I was only a first year design student with no art background.

Aluenti stated that architecture is a “concrete, untouchable entity that uses the city as its form generator”.  She viewed the public and private spaces interaction as integral in the completion of her design without compromising the intended subject. The pinnacle design was completed in 1986, the renovation of a Paris train station into the Musée d’Orsay, a museum for french art from 1848-1915.  In 1999, Herbert Muschamp, then the architecture critic for The Times, called her “the most important female architect since the beginning of time.”(gae-aulenti-musee-dorsay-architect-dies-at-84.html?smid=pl-share)


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Wings of Steel chair, Laurie Beckerman Design

Wings of Steel, Laurie Beckerman Design,
The Wings of Steel chair is fabricated from laser cut steel and powder coated in a variety of colors.  Also available in stainless steel.  While the material is strong, the form is light as a butterfly about to take flight.  Its laser cut strips create optical patterns that surprise from every angle.
Nominated for a Best of Year award from Interior Design magazine.  Cast your vote at category: outdoor seating.
 (reposted from Laurie Beckerman Design)
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Student Sightings

Allison Mcleod wrote to me: Over the summer I went on a study abroad to Spain and saw a few chairs I recognized from those dreadful chaircards. One night some friends and I were walking around Madrid and I spotted 2 globe chairs in the lobby of a bank, I got excited and went to take a picture of them through the window but the security guard told me to leave before I could get one. The attached picture is of the Eames plastic side chair that I saw in a McDonalds at a shopping plaza in Madrid, the place was FULL of them!

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Student sightings

On occasion I get emails from students who have suffered through my chaircard experience.  I’ve been going through my pictures and found this one from Katrina Fischer who graduated last year from the program.  Apparently DFW airport has Le Corbusier’s LC2 sofas and chairs.  I love seeing that my passion has rubbed off on other people.

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The making of a Zig Zag chair

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Clover table (Kho Liang Ie) By Artifort, with Tulip Chairs (Eero Sarrinen) by Knoll

Yup… I have a great new site for you chair geeks, and its right here in North Carolina.  mid-century Salvage is about an hour south west of High Point so when your coming for the fall market you should take a trip.  Now for those of you who read my blog you know I very rarely promote a business… just chairs..  but…   These guys are on Facebook and produce some great shots of wonderful mid-century furniture.  I haven’t gotten down to see them but, any communication I have with them has been replied to promptly and people I have sent to them have had nothing but rave reviews.

So…  Designers, Chair geeks, antique hunters etc…  go check out my new friends…

Call me when you do so I can go with…  :o)

– Brian

5807 Hwy 74 W

Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079

1 (704) 635-8744

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