Chairlist 2

2 Responses to Chairlist 2

  1. Tom Garber says:

    Being a chair guy for close to 30 years, I enjoy your website and glad to see students studying the evolution of chair design. During my tenure at GF in the mid 80’s, I had worked on a team with David Roland as we tried to improve the comfort of the steel seat pan by adding a thin integral cushion. I don’t recall if we ever went into production of this model but know of several prototypes that were made. We did develop an automated rod bending machine that improved the production time and quality of welds required to manufacture this chair.
    After leaving GF, I had the privilege of working with Niels Diffrient at SunarHauserman on his Helena Chair and the Jefferson Chair and Accessory Collection. I was the Senior Project Engineer assigned to Niels and took the Jefferson Chair from prototype to production. Niels was a designer that stood out from the rest. He not only understood design and ergonomics but was very savvy to engineering and manufacturing.
    I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Niels and even more fortunate to have purchased the first production pieces of his Jefferson Chair and Accessories.
    Trivia Fact: The Jefferson Chair and Accessories were featured in Playboy Magazine Christmas edition under “Gifts for Him” section.

    • Brian says:

      I would love some pictures if you have any…. Thanks for following us here in Greensboro. Keep in touch and comment anytime on what you see. The student’s love comments on their work.

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