Chairlist 1

8 Responses to Chairlist 1

  1. boycher says:

    where did you get that awesome header image, and where is ray?

    • Brian says:

      The image is from Playboy July 1961. I extended the sides in photoshop to fill the header… I credited the photo in one of the first posts on this blog… I’m pretty sure the nature of the magazine is why Ray is not in the picture.

  2. Alexis Garcia says:

    I was doing my research and i think you misspelled a chair name. Is LCW Plywood chair, not DCW.

    • Brian says:

      DCW is a Dining chair wood. LCW is a Lounge Chair wood. Both are on the list but this week we are dong the DCW. The chairs are very similar but the height is different due to longer legs on the DCW.

  3. Lex says:

    #16, Duncan Phyfe’s Lyre back side chair was actually 1815, not 1915, correct? If I’m not mistaken, Phyfe was very dead by 1915.

  4. Hey Brian, I believe we have another repeat with this weeks list. The D4 folding chair and the Wassily armchair appear to be the same.

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