What is a chair

Photo by Alyssa-hankus

I have focused so long on traditionally iconic chairs I thought it would be a good break to visit some photography.  This shot is by my friend Alyssa Hankus.


Patrick Lucas taught us that design should include Commodity, Firmness and Delight.


Commodity – obviously a chair such as this sold well. Affordable aluminum outdoor furniture with an electro plating was widely distributed.  Good design goes further than just comfort and stability.  Commodity is only one leg of the three legged stool.

Firmness – The chair is old but still standing and viable as a chair. This starts to lend a question wether or not firmness is only at the time of the sale or does it extend throughout the life of the product. Is there a point of diminishing return where it is no longer firm enough to function as a seating piece.

Delight – This is the hardest part of design to define. Delight is in the eye of the beholder. I would argue that without some sense of delight this chair would have never been bought. Now that the firmness is beginning to slip and the Commodity is no longer there as a seating piece I would question what is a chair. Here Alyssa shows that even though this chair would not be bought at full price in a store, the photograph of the chair and the beautiful setting and shadow may be worth more than the chair was initially.

So… what is a chair.

A chair is a piece of art that symbolized a stopping point in life. Even though you never sat in this chair you did take a few minutes to stop and think about it.

I love chairs.

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