Womb chair (Knoll) Eero Saarinen

I was excited to see this chair in the collection.  I like the concept and see how it could pick womb aspects.  Not as comfortable as I expected but a great occasional chair.  I would love to have one in my personal collection.  I have always maintained that an example from the mid-century modern collection would make a statement to other designers that you are informed about style.  People understand paying 5-10,000 for a painting but have problems with paying 500-5000 for a chair?  Strange mentality we have here.  I had a conversation at the Dallas Furniture market about the propensity of Americans to spend $40k on a car they will own for 4-5 years but won’t spend $5k for a beautiful Italian Leather Couch they will pass on to their children.  I have furniture pieces in my family that have been there for centuries but no cars over 60 years old.

Think about this… My father has a beautiful 1957 Thunderbird.  This chair was designed 11 years prior to to that Thunderbird and is still being produced by Knoll and is still sold and manufactured in it’s original form.  Good design is forever.

We studied this year about Universal Design.  I am enjoying this blog this year, its getting me to understand how things come together.  Designers, companies, styles and things I have learned in class.  This chair is not a Universal Design but does hold onto those ideas that if you design it well once then you don’t have to go back and change it.

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