Seatbelt Dinning Chair (Phillips Collection)Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn

Nineteen letters in the last name…  I doubt I will ever torture the History 221 class with memorizing this one…  Or maybe I will.  I have friends from Thailand and it seems they all have shortened names for us to work with.

Continuing with the spirit of the summer I am working with at least 1 chair out of the library per day.  Today’s chair is from the Hunger Games movie and a wonderful piece of the Phillips Collection. The chairs are available in orange, black, green, white, purple and red.  The frames are made of treated MDF with metal reinforcement.

It came as a surprise to the Phillips collection that the chairs would be in the movie.  Apparently a few weeks before the movie was to be released they got notification that the Seatbelt chair was being used.  I love Furniture Markets, where else could you go to sit with multiple company owners and designers and chat about the history of the pieces.

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