Blue Sofa (Heller) Frank Gehry

This Sofa is not actually in the library itself but located outside of Rosa Otero’s office.  A few pieces in the collection are just too big to fit in the room.

Frank Gehry is an architect that people either love or hate.  His couch seems to emulate some of the forms found in his buildings.  I am a huge fan of his fruit basket exploration with pieces such as the Criss Cross.  The Blue Sofa as with many of Heller’s products is made of roto molded polymer.  As a “Sofa” you would expect a soft cushion but the piece is built with aesthetics more than function in mind as we find (in my opinion) with many of his buildings.  

It is hard to do a sculptural piece with a satin finish proper justice with a drawing so I am going to include a photo as well with this one.

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