Chaircards week 7 (Joylyn Waegerle)

Joylyn like Torrey works in a minimalistic style.  The usability of the images as a study tool exceeds the artistic style.  Good job Joylyn.

I would also like to add that the five people I chose for week 7 spend time on their covers.  The initial impact of picking up the chair cards is one of wholeness.  I must say that as as someone who has graded thousands of cards, the initial impression of a student’s work can impact their grade.  If a student has a piece of paper wrapped around their cards with a rubber band holding it together and their name scribbled on it, the initial impression is not that of someone that has taken care with their work.

Take this to whatever class or part of your life that you will.  Initial impressions are setting the stage for the acceptance of your work

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