Pathos Chair (Brent Dutton)

Groovystuff of Dallas Texas owned by Chris Bruning has started up a wonderful project.  I have been looking for a chair to post and here is a great example in progress.  Brent Dutton of Auburn University has designed the Pathos Chair.

Brent describes his chair as:

The Boldly designed teak Pathos chair is at home equally in nature or on a contemporary patio.  Inspired by asian ox-carts, the Pathos offers a comfortable place to relax with an “antique modern” feel.  It is constructed with re-purposed heavy ox-cart wagon wheels and held together by steel rods, aluminum spacers and brackets.

Chris recently went to Thailand to oversee the construction of student projects and took this picture.  Pretty cool Chair Brent!

The project actually starts with ideas that turn into presentations, boards and models.  The final product is a student design that will get their name in front of the industry.  Chris Bruning and Groovystuff are working to include more students every year.  I hope this project spreads and more companies get on board.

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One Response to Pathos Chair (Brent Dutton)

  1. Now that’s a good looking chair. Quality work Mr. Dutton.

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