Arne Jacobsen – Egg Chair

One of the joys of being a designer is when you come across something fairly random in an unexpected place, it tickles your fancy… It not only reminds you of how designing enhances each person, each and every day, but also makes you understand why these projects we are assigned in our studies are so valuable.

Design is intrenched into our lives.  Today while taking a walk around Glasgow, I came across a Mcdonalds that had three Arne Jacobsen Egg Chairs in the window.  Surely, they are not originals, but they don’t have to be in this case… It made me crave a burger and brought me inside just to see more.  Purple and Lime green in color, they were an awesome addition to an establishment we don’t normally think of as a place to display such pieces.

I can’t stress this enough… Study your chair cards… Understand that to be a designer means that your way of viewing things will be enhanced through the knowledge you acquire in this program.

Keep your eyes open…

– Audra


About Audra Volpi

Lover of architectural history and building design.
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2 Responses to Arne Jacobsen – Egg Chair

  1. Brian says:

    Great Post Audra. All the heartache of the chair cards does pay off.

  2. monsdzine says:

    Hey Brian, struggling again, this time w/ Franks armchair, I found everything but dimensions & manufacturer in 1000 chairs but cant find ANY info online, does it have another name?

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