Benches in Edinburgh

This semester, I am studying architecture in Glasgow, Scotland and while here, I am lucky enough to go on a few trips to see different parts of the country.  Today, we went to Edinburgh (capital city of Scotland) and visited the Edinburgh Castle.  Entering one of the chapels, I came across a few benches that deserved to be posted here.  They are not included on your list of chair, but more of an example of how, after you are finished with this class and your chair exam, you will appreciate things in a new way with the knowledge you have.




About Audra Volpi

Lover of architectural history and building design.
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One Response to Benches in Edinburgh

  1. patrick says:

    enjoy one of my favorite cities of all time. edinburgh is first rate. hope you’ll get to see hill house in helensburgh. you’ll LOVE it. travel well.

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