Week 1 chairs

This week I am starting off the class with a basic set of chairs.  I am calling the set Arts and Crafts although several of the chairs may belong in other sets.

  • With the pending trip to Falling Water I wanted to introduce the class to the Frank Lloyd Wright furniture.
  • Green and Green created some of my favorite moments in their Gamble house.
  • I believe my favorite chair on this list would be the Ox chair and we will see Wegner again in our chair studies this year.
  • I covered the Thonet style yesterday in class and showed a style 289 that I found at a local thrift store.
  • Gaudi’s Casa Calvert will be an excellent chance for you to stretch your artist muscles.
  • Riemerschmid’s chair is simple but has lines that are strong and specific.
  • Hoffman’s Kubus is an iconic piece you will see in advertisements and movies.

Take time and care in doing these cards.  You will have them for the rest of your career.  Their short-term use will be as flashcards for your final test.  Make sure the clean side of your card has a well drawn, properly proportioned drawing with adequate details.  The Lined side of the card is for your technical information.  There are 45 of you in this class and 10 cards per person but YES I do read every card.  I receive cards on Fridays and will have them back into your hands on the following Monday.  In the event your card is incomplete or wrong you will be given the card back to redo.  You can turn in that card again properly completed for half credit on the following Friday.  Do not wait until Thursday to start your cards!  Make sure all your drawings have a citation for the image.  I visit these sites to see why you may have gotten the wrong image.  I expect you to have problems this semester and I am sure they are nothing I haven’t seen before so talk to me.

If you have a question post it here on the question tab.  I answer these questions immediately and you may see your question answered there before you ask.  I love this class and hope you will enjoy the knowledge you receive as much as your TA’s did.

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2 Responses to Week 1 chairs

  1. Katrina says:

    Brian, I think a correction may be in order. The Ox chair was released in 1960, Hans Wegner was born in 1914.

    • Brian says:

      Great catch Katrina. This is my first run with this new list and I appreciate your finding the error. You are right the chair was a 1960’s chair and should have run in the Midcentury modern section. We will leave it here for now just make sure you have the correct date.

      Thanks for being attentive.

      – Brian (CZ)

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