Iconic Chairs

So many times I see a chair in an advertisement or a movie and I mention it here.  Walking through the Atlanta Show I saw quiet a few variations of chairs but I also saw some originals.  Chairs that are iconic, show the style can fit well with a product or that the person behind the product has style.  These are three examples of well place product to enhance a showroom.

The first showroom I visited was Douglas, from Carboro,NC.  They were using Philippe Stark’s Ghost Chair to show off their product without blocking it.  The style implied by the classic chair is transferred to their product and gives credence to their sale.

The Second stop I made was in an art vendor called [art] attic.  They were selling the art on the walls but used a Tulip table and chairs to discuss business.  This was the only piece of furniture in the showroom other than their art.  Again the placement, color and choice of the piece showed their attention to detail and they’re understanding of the education of their clients.  Their client’s clients may not understand the table but the designers visiting the showroom would “get it”.

Finally I stopped by catstudio where they were displaying their pillows.  They put the IKEA sofa and a few others inside but proudly displayed this George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa in the front window.  A great way of showing both that they understand good design and that their product can go with many different styles.

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