Robin Wade (Atlanta Furniture Market)

Today I made a trek down to Atlanta to see the Market as a guest of Robin Wade and Shaw Furnishings.  The integration of the floor coverings of Shaw with the pieces of Robin Wade seem to be a great match.  Both companies are concerned with Green building practices and produce High-end products.  Pictured below is Robin sitting in front of one of my favorite tables.  The butterfly joinery keeping the wood both together and apart is a duality to be discussed over a glass of wine between friends.   Our two styles and our appreciation of the product are quite similar.  I am glad to call Robin a friend.

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One Response to Robin Wade (Atlanta Furniture Market)

  1. Audra Volpi says:

    That table is stunning!!! I can see where you got your inspiration for your benches from last semester. I really appreciate how the beauty of the wood is celebrated instead of hidden. Beautiful!!

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