Etruscan Chair

Upon doing some unrelated research, I came across a chair I hadn’t seen before called the Etruscan Chair.  It was designed by Danny Lane of London in 1986 and its dims are H: 88 cm, W: 47.1 cm, D: 65.5 cm.  It’s a cool chair made of sheet glass, metallic silver, stainless steel and aluminum.  Here is an excerpt from on how the chair is constructed and formed.

“Colorless non-lead glass, with green cast, metallic silver, stainless steel, aluminum; glass is chipped, ground, polished, drilled, assembled with fabricated metal. Straight-backed side chair of glass connected by bent threaded metal rods or tubes and metal fixtures; back of chair and seat are of thick sheet glass with irregular chipped and polished beveled edges; (a) seat section is roughly rectangular with long sides at right angle to back one of long sides is cut almost straight (slight curve) with no chipping; (b) back is smaller than seat, roughly circular with all sides chipped; (g, h) seat and back are joined by two parallel goose-neck curved metal tubes or rods connected to back by oversized hemispherical bolts with (i) thick flat metal disc “washers” fitted through drilled holes in glass and connected on other side by a small flat disc, other ends of curved back supports connected to seat by oversize nuts and disc washers fitted through glass; (c, d) after passing through the glass, the back supports meet and lock into faceted lengths of metal and bolts that top undulating back legs; front legs are placed slightly further apart and connected to seat with same hemispherical/disc bolts as used on back; all four legs are chiseled to points, no feet, tips of legs are protected with small sections of cut black plastic…”

About Audra Volpi

Lover of architectural history and building design.
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