Robin Wade (Flowing Joint)

I met Robin Wade at furniture Market last spring.  I was so impressed and inspired by his pieces.  This “flowing joint” as he calls it, was beautiful.  The way Robin uses the natural beauty of the wood to enhance his design is exactly what I was looking for.  I missed him at the Market this year but sent him an e-mail on a project I am starting and he was very helpful.

Brian Peck Design

I found a piece of Ambrosia Maple at the Hardwood Store ( and wanted to try Robin’s technique.  After trimming, planing and running the board through the planer we cut the 20″ off each side of a 8′ board.  Normal benches are 18″, I put mine at 20″ for now and I may reduce it later but for now it feels fine.  The boards were all cut with matching 45 degree angles to keep the top grain intact.  I joined the boards with biscuits and Walnut splines.  I am in the process of finishing it with tung oil and a final coat of wax.  I love the natural look of the wood and want to celebrate it.

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