Groovy Stuff Furniture TF-509 Campfire Stump Seat

Ok… this isn’t the most intricate or fantastic extruded plastic form.  This isn’t an complicated combination of joints and adhesives with a specified fastener.  It’s a stump…

Finally…  I have looked for a great example of the perfect seat.  This is a product of GroovyStuff !  How could you get more simple than a stump?  This company uses recycled product from Thailand and has a wonderful philosophy.  I had the unique pleasure of talking with Chris Bruning (owner/artist) and his energy is intoxicating.  His love for his work and the ethical nature of his business is something to look into.  The Dallas based company is utilizing the waste material of Thailand to create primarily Teak creations.  This is a simple sample of their work that holds a western feel while preserving the artistry and high-end of the craft and material.

I am participating in a furniture competition sponsored by GroovyStuff and hope to post my work here soon.  I was dissapointed to see the stump in the collection because I have wanted to push this stump idea.  Simple seating is way under-rated.  A Teak stump can go by your fireside to sit on but equally into a NYC apartment to bring in a strong natural statement.  What better way to sit by a fireplace than on an antique piece of wood with beautiful color and form.

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One Response to Groovy Stuff Furniture TF-509 Campfire Stump Seat

  1. This is a great blog spot for exploring furniture design done from a fresh perspective. Nice Work Brian!

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