Corset chair (Janus et Cie)

I saw this chair at Neocon in Chicago.  As I spoke to them I was impressed by the concept behind this chair.  There are several “Corset” chairs available and I guess I could have covered any of them but this one follows my personal ideas on seating.  They took a problem, specifically stacking chairs with arms without loosing decorative look.  Arne Jacobsen’s “Ant” chair was instrumental in the form but as Arne took a step outside by adding arms to his “Ant” and making the “Lilly” the chair was a stand alone chair.  It stacked beautifully but was not designed solely for that purpose.  Although the introduction of arms was accomplished by Arne Jacobsen in 1970, this chair hit the market in 2003.  Inspired and beautiful in it’s own right.  I loved seeing this chair.

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