“A” Back Windsor (Stoel Burrowes)

We started this semester with our professor, Stoel Burrowes, presenting us with a drawing challenge involving a chair he designed.   We discussed design decisions, historical relevance and precedence, wood choices, finishes, joinery, credit for inspiration, and a host of other relevant topics.  I believe designing a functional piece is the highest form of art.  A piece of furniture beautiful in so many ways, aesthetics is only one piece of the puzzle. A designer in this field must understand human proportions, comfort, strength of the components, joinery, longevity of adhesives and connectors, finishes, the client receiving the item and their personal ability to care for it.  Making a chair is much more than 4 legs, a seat and a back.

I entered into this path because of my love for design.  I have chosen the road towards furniture design for my interest in the ever-changing nature of that design.  The Windsor chair that Stoel has chosen to pull from is a classic design with too many designers to list for credit.  The materials and finishes have been available for as long as chairs have been designed.  The fact that no one has thought to put these pieces together in this way with these colors is hope that design has so much left to explore.


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