F-C213 Dining Chair (Swaim) @ J. Peppers in Kernersville

I know this isn’t an iconic chair but I had to add a personal point this week.  I was eating in J Peppers here in Kernersville NC and I noticed their chairs.  I have worked in Restaurant buisness most of my life and I know that people spend money on their interiors but this place took the time and forethought to pick an appropriate, stylish and modern chair as an anchor point for their interior design.  The restaurant is elegant and the food is upscale but not pricey.  They are able to use ingredients like Collard greens in unexpected touches of southern class.  As in their interior design I saw a lot of thought in their choices.

The designer of the chair is Swaim from High Point NC.  Again J Peppers shows their local flair found in their menu by choosing local companies to furnish their business.  The Chair design is classic lines but bold gestures.  The upholstery is plush yet contained with a tension to the fabric.  The repetition of form creates a smooth planar element as your eye moves across the room.  If you are looking for a place to eat and your in the Greensboro/Winston Salem area go check out J. Peppers in Kernersville.

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3 Responses to F-C213 Dining Chair (Swaim) @ J. Peppers in Kernersville

  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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