I am heading to Chicago to NeoCon.  My first visit to the show.  I am especially Looking forward to Knoll and Herman Miller while looking for the smaller vendors I don’t know.  Visiting the High Point Market I saw that while the larger vendors are know and established the movement in the industry is by those just starting out.  Large companys seemed to be going with what was safe or established while the designers out there promoting on their own are using tried and true patterns for their designs but pushing them in a way that mainstream is not ready for.  I hate to use the box example but the big box stores seem to be stuck in it while the smaller firms are pushing outwards.

I heard Nido R. Qubein of High Point University speak one time in reference to designers and Alexander Julian specifically.  He stated that designers were not those that were willing to think outside the box but those who were willing to pick the box up and throw it out the window.  I have though about that statement for two years now and after visiting a few markets I am starting to understand what he was thinking.  I want to be one of those people.

See you at NeoCon.

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