Kohn and Mundus Project

I just stopped by a consignment shop and picked up a $9 chair. The chair caught my eye because of its Bentwood form and older hardware. Inspecting the bottom I found a Kohn and Mundus tag with a 1910 date on it. I am sure it is a Michael Thonet Bentwood chair but I can not find this exact chair anywhere. I am planning on giving it a light rub down with steel wool and a light coat of oil then displaying it in my office. Any help in locating the exact identity of this chair or it’s value would be helpful. I’m sure that my $9 was well spent.

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3 Responses to Kohn and Mundus Project

  1. e.h. says:

    hello! i recently purchased a chair identical to this. were you ever able to figure out when and where it was made? and did yours have an x-shaped wire/metal bracket support underneath the seat?

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