Smile (Marcello Ziliani)

This beautiful armchair by Marcello Ziliani is a metal frame with expanded foam and a cloth exterior.  Elegant lines and beautiful form make for a great design.  I ran across this chair when a friend saw it in a silent auction.  I really wish she would have bid on it…   You know who you are.


Photo by Audra Volpi



Image from

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4 Responses to Smile (Marcello Ziliani)

  1. Audra says:

    I promise you, if I had the funds to bid, I would have.. 🙂 I would have brought it into studio to share in our space..

  2. Kelsey says:

    Any chance you have more info (from the auction or elsewhere) on this chair? The curves on the chair in the top picture look somewhat different from the ones in pictures I’ve seen of the “Smile” chair on Ziliani’s website and the bottom picture. I have a chair that looks like the one in the top picture (a second-hand find) and have been wondering if it’s real or a replica.

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