Chair Cards Week 2

Due to popular demand I am going to go through week 2’s chair with you.  I guess I will make this a weekly thing, helps me learn the chairs and learn about their designers too.

Ionic…            Also known as the Capitello chair was designed by Studio 65 in 1971.  The Polyurethane chair is in the shape of a “Ionic” capital.  Studio 65 is also known for the “Boca” (or Mouth) chair.  We will be looking at Salvador Dali’s “Mae West Lips Sofa” later in the semester.  Make sure not to confuse the two in your drawings.

Side Chair by Riemerschmid…    Moma has a great site and features Riemerschmid’s chair with all pertinent information.

Louis XV Ghost Chair by Stark…    Pay attention to this one.  First it is very hard to draw a transparent chair.  Good luck.  Second this is the Louis XV Ghost chair, not the Ghost chair.  The reason for having you do the Louis XV chair last week was to prepare you for what you are looking at from Stark.  This is a medallion back chair with loose reflections on a Louis XV.

Armchair    Hepplewhite…   This is a style.  Look at the Shield back, medallion back, and even the square back chairs.  Draw what you like but be able to defend that it was actually a Hepplewhite style.

Armchair   Sheraton…   This is a style.  Look at the Lyre Back chairs.  The art and craftsmanship are really nice.  Pay attention as designers to how things touch the ground.  Sheratons have a stop just before they touch the ground.  They seem to stab with a delicate leg.  Make sure to use period proper colors and shading.  IARC Majors we are looking for realism or stylistic.  If you are just coloring and not rendering then you are not using the tools the school has given you in your drawing classes.

Armchair   Adam…   I gave you these three chairs in a row to show you three different styles that popped up in England in succession.  Look at the transitions and similarities.  Look for similar patterns and then look for the differences.  Design revolutions happen slowly in architecture but the subtle changes can be worlds apart in furniture.

Carolean Chair by Gibbons

Gibbons was a master carver and produced this chair in the baroque form.  After doing the william and mary chair you will see some similarities and then you will start drawing the detail.  Take your time on this and draw as much detail as you can.  You are not just drawing a card to pass an assignment, you are passing your art tools over a master carver’s creation and learning from his vision.

Cherner Chair     by Cherner

I love this chair.  It’s simple clean lines and holistic approach make it beautiful in any setting.  I urge you to draw it with the arms and look at the angles he uses.  I transitioned you from the Carolean Chair to this one to show you contrast.  Beauty is found on both sides of the spectrum.

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