Henry Van de Velde

There seems to be some confusion about the Armchair from Henry Van de Velde.  The three chairs listed below are Henry Van de Velde Armchairs but hold specific titles.  They were designed for specific places.  I know they are easy to find and great pieces but they are not the chair we are looking for.  These chairs are great examples of Van de Velde’s work but for this chair you need to use his “Armchair” Van de Velde’s style is a masterful combination of curvilinear and straight lines.  He plays with traditional form but stretches it out with his own ideas.  He is building a piece of sculpture that is practical and useful.  The piece that incorporates all that is Henry Van de Velde is his armchair.

The Armchair includes his ornate patterns on fabric, thin rails, curved and straight lines, all while harking back to Viennese form.  I was unable to find the information on this chair surfing the web.  Visiting a library or ordering some books may help in finding chairs like this.  I found this chair on page 32 of Modern Furniture Classics.  As I mentioned on the blog This is a great resource for not only your chair cards but for designers.

He is work is considered Belgian Art Nouveau.

Just to recap:


Armchair Villa Esche

Armchair Nostitz

Armchair Bloemenwerf


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6 Responses to Henry Van de Velde

  1. Thanks for the info – except it came a little late for me…I had already finished my cards and didn’t have time to re-do before class…can we work on getting more feedback sooner?

  2. monsdzine says:

    Modern furniture classics didn’t have dimensions or materials that I could find, any suggestions on finding that info?
    Monica C

    • Brian says:

      This may be a point for the internet. I searched about 20 of the books on my shelf and couldn’t find that information either. I looked for about 5 min on the internet and found a few sites that have it. Go Surfin’…

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