Week 1 Chairs 2011

I am here to help you in any way I can.   Part of the learning process is research.  Make sure you look to the Library for research material.  I have recommended several books throughout this blog so take some time and read what I have written.  I am compiling a new list of books I recommend so it may be helpful for you to subscribe to this blog.  You can set up a direct notification to your facebook account to be notified whenever a new post comes out.

This weeks chair card list:

Klismos Chair                                  Robsjohn-Gibbings – This chair I am sure you can find.  Your list contains mostly modern chairs.  When you find a chair with a name beside it search for the artist and chair together.  It does you no good to search for any Klismos chair since they have been in production for over 3000 years if you are looking for a specific chair designed by Robsjohn Gibbings.  Tip:  Make sure you use entire names.  This is only their last name.  First names are required as well.

Throne of Princess Sitamun          1370 BCEI am sure you can find this one.

William and Mary Side Chair        1689 -Look up William and Mary Side chair, look at the images there are wood seats, padded seats, caned seats.  We are looking for a 16th century chair so no modern chairs.  I don’t want to give you a specific chair because I want to see the variety of the period chairs you come up with and how they fit into your artistic style.  William and Mary was a design style from the late 1600’s so the specific chair is not necessary, just a side chair (one without arms) from the period)

Louis XV Armchair – As with the previous style we are looking for a French Rococo Style that stretched throughout the mid 1700’s.  Caned backs or padded backs we are moving forward quickly in design style.  The upholstery from the Rococo style moved onto the arms, backs, cushions and padded seats emulating the excessive dress of the people who could afford such furnishings.  Pay attention that you find an example of a Louis XV Armchair, not a Louis XV style or in the style of a Louis XV Armchair.  I included Armchair for this one because I want you to see the transition of the joinery in the arms.  The artistry is incredible when people still had to make these by hand and not rely on machines to carve them.

Louis XV Bergere – The Bergere is a wingback chair.  Look it up.  Again you may each come up with something a little different but we are looking for a chair with the side plains reaching up to the side of the head.  The “wing” is an extension of the side plain that makes up the arm.  The sides are almost always enclosed.  I encourage you to pick up a book and find a Bergere or wingback instead of searching for it on the internet.  You will find the understanding of Louis XV to be a nice addition to your design knowledge collection.

Queen Anne Side Chair – Queen Anne Style is a combination of the William and Mary Style and Louis XV.  The simple design with intricate backwork often with scrollwork or crests is combined with the Louis XV upholstry in a modest seat and carved forelegs.  The back of the chair is a simple horseshoe extending from foot across the top and back to the foot.  The majority of the images you are finding on the internet are the same.  If you have any problems deciphering this chair just ask.

X Chair – The X chair or the Savonarola Chair is a style that passed throughout most of the ancient world.  Typing in Savonarola Chair into Google and looking at the images should bring you a couple dozen of the same style chair.  Pick one that you can draw in your style and read about it.  You are still looking for the information including date, sizes, type of wood etc.  research the chair you choose.

Klismos – The Klismos is over 3000 years old.  Images are found in pottery and reliefs.  Here is an example of the chair we are looking for.  Explore and find a chair that fits the  image found in the “history of the Klismos Chair” earlier on this blog.

Chair of Queen Hetepheres – This chair is easy to find.

Armchair                                            Van de Velde -One of your first modern chairs.  When looking up this chair you need to research the Artist, in this case Van de Velde, and the chair he designed, Armchair. The names given on your sheet are the last name of the artist, you need the entire name of the artist on your card so look for the first name as well.  Tip: use this blog to find what the chair you are looking for looks like.  Once you have an idea of what it looks like you can search better and know what you are drawing is the correct chair.

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