TWIST CHAIR (Jonas Lyndby Jensen)

In my studio I am creating a design for a studio flat with an assigned concept.  My intrest in chairs has drawn me to what I know.  I found a Danish Designer who is looking at Nordic and Scandinavian design using the materials in a new way and has and interesting way of looking at furniture.

Here is his Twist Chair.  Tube Frame with banding and cloth cover.  I was intrigued by the shape as well as the use of material.  The patterned fabric on the frame adds to the concept without crossing that dangerous boundary “theme”.

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One Response to TWIST CHAIR (Jonas Lyndby Jensen)

  1. kelly harris says:

    So remember that chair I was talking to you about? Well I found it. Here is a twist off of something old that I think you will like a lot. I hope it helps you with your project! It’s called the Smoke Chair, it is designed by Maarten Baas. here is the link 🙂

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