TRON has Barcelona and Eames Chairs

Just got done watching TRON…  you find our chairs in the strangest places.  There is a Barcelona chair and an Eames Chair and ottoman.  Both in White.

Pretty cool to see our studies in action…  art is everywhere.

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4 Responses to TRON has Barcelona and Eames Chairs

  1. Juli says:

    Right…also there is an Eames Aluminum Group task chair in “Flynn’s Office” behind the video arcade.

  2. Claus Heiberg says:

    I just bought an all white special edition Vitra Eames lounge chair with Ottoman.

    Does anyone know the story of this? It’s all white, even legs and the wood.

    There is not a chrome or natural wood thing on this chair. All white,



    • Brian says:

      I have researched and found nothing with an entire white option. Herman Miller produces the chair and offers 4 different woods and 12 different leather options but none of the wood options are white. I called Herman Miller and spoke to them. As far as I can tell either someone made it, it was a special release that the manufacturer is not aware of, or it was a movie prop. Where did you get it?

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