Cappellini S-Chair (Tom Dixon)

While searching other blogs I found a chair similar to this that looked to be handmade…  The narator of the blog and I had a conversation over the origin of the chair and came to agree that Tom Dixon’s S-Chair looked to be the beginning of the style.  

In my typical search for images I found that Christina Aguilera had used this in one of her video’s.  In “Not Myself Tonight” she is able to use the video to show the curves of herself and the woman in the chair to be two sides to this chair… similar but opposite.

I had posted it here but decided it was a little too risque for this site…  if you would like to google it you will see the chair…  or visit…  (then I spoke to Patrick and decided it’s art… like it or not…)

(boy am I desperate for some comments…  lol)

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4 Responses to Cappellini S-Chair (Tom Dixon)

  1. audra says:

    ok – I will comment…

    After realizing there were actual chairs in the picture…. 🙂 … I’m not one for these types of chairs usually, but these look rather comfy.

  2. Ebony Goode says:

    i don’t think it’s too risque, we’re all adults…and it’s a good use for the chair

  3. Julio Garcia says:

    Just lovely!
    Last week I visited London and I bought a lovely Terzani lamp in a showroom near Pinner. Also, they had Cappellini, Gandia Blasco, B&B… amongst other lovely brands…. their website ( it’s really nice!

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