I see the blog is being visited… Please feel free to add a question on here or comment on your fellow student’s work.  This is an open forum and I would love some activity here.  I get a lot of e-mails and calls about these chairs but not many questions on the blog.   If you read the questions posted you could probably answer most of these questions.  If you don’t see it here pleas feel free to add a question so it can be answered for everyone.

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15 Responses to Questions

  1. Ebony Goode says:

    Hey Bryan, could you post the correct lip chair? Here are links to each.

    • Brian says:

      Mae West lips sofa is pretty easy to find… just google it then look at the images. Make sure you are looking at the Salvador Dali not a Salvador Dali inspired. Your second image is only inspired not an original.

  2. audra says:

    Hi Brian,

    For the Mies van der rohe chair, MR chair, are you looking for the one with arms? or the side chair without arms (which looks like the Brno chair, btw)?


  3. Linda says:

    What is Burgasser’s first name? I can’t find a first name when I search, although there has been one that says Joan. However, no Club Tub.

  4. Nathan says:

    Is the pension armchair by Aalto webbed?

  5. audra says:

    Hey Brian,

    I’m trying to get the next chair cards out of the way and I’m looking for the Ionic chair by studio 65. all I keep coming up with is this:

    it is the top of an ionic column, but it’s not called the Ionic. am I missing something?

  6. Anna Behrendt says:

    Hey Brian,
    On the the paper with all the chairs on it, it says East Edges for Frank O. Gehry. Is it East or Easy? When I have searched for it, Easy is what comes up. Thanks ahead of time!


  7. Caitlyn Whisenant says:

    is this the correct chair for eames chair group?

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