Here are a few of the chair books I have in my personal library and I would encourage you to look at if you are having problems finding these chairs…

NK 2715.F540            Fiell, Charlotte and Peter.  1000 Chairs.  Benedikt Tachen Verlag (1997).

NK 2385.S74            Stimpson, Miriam.  Modern Furniture Classics.  New York:  Whitney Library of Design (1987).

NK 2395.F54            Fiell, Charlotte and Peter.  Modern Furniture Classics: Postwar to Post Modernism.  New York: Thames & Hudson (2001).

NK 2385.M3613            Mang, Karl.  History of Modern Furniture.  New York: Abrams (1979).

NK 2395.H34            Habegger, Jerryl and Joseph Osmon.  Sourcebook of Modern Furniture (2nd ed.).  New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold (1997).

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