Nothing Continues to Happen (Howard Meister)

An 1980 Expressionistic art piece by Howard Meister depicting deconstructionism in a side chair.  The work consists of painted wood.

These are the best three chairs from our class as depicted by Kacie Leisure, Alyssa Hankus and Taeho Kwon.  Kwon took a viewpoint not normally seen on the internet and did a good job of showing the artist’s intent.

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One Response to Nothing Continues to Happen (Howard Meister)

  1. This is a very cool project, and I am delighted to be a part of it! My chair, Nothing Continues To Happen, really established me in the art and design world.

    It is the case that *all* of us have been influenced by the great designers who have worked before us, and I am no exception to that. In fact, my own (metal) chair, The Lesson, was done with the Mackintosh ladder back chair (also included in this project of yours), very much in my mind. I *took* a lesson from Mackintosh when I worked on mine, and I knew that ever after, others coming up would have no choice but to keep my version in their minds, and so, *take* a lesson from me.

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