Eero Saarinen Tulip Group (Eero Saarinen)

Corry Mears * Weston Willard * Dajana Nedic

Eero Saarinen is a prime example of Patrick Lucas’s teachings here in History 222.  We learn that design reaches from the artifact, space, building and out to place.  For someone who designs such monuments as the St. Louis Arch to have contrived a group of furniture like the Tulip group seems natural.  As designers we should be following that lead.  This is a great example of letting the materials speak to us and helping us mold the design.  Saarinen wanted to make a fiberglass chair but resorted to a metal base with a similar coating to make a seamless design while allowing for comfort.  As a set or complimenting additional furniture pieces it is a wonderful addition.  Corry Mears expressed this group with a direct approach armless chair and table.  Weston Willard had a great perspective and artist’s touch while Dajana Nedic introduced shading to show the subtle angles in the armchair.

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