Red and Blue Chair (Gerrit Rietveld)

Cassie Bradfield * Nathan Howell * Blakeni Walls * Nicole Ware

Pictured here are 4 good examples of the Red and Blue Chair.  It’s simple design and straight line form was hard for some people to achieve.   Nathan Howell shows here that color, where accurate in the other drawings is good, it is not necessary to achieve the intended feeling of the chair.

Rietveld was aware of asthetics and not very concerned with comfort which puts me in the mind of Frank Lloyd Wright.  The chair was originaly designed in raw wood but was pianted in palate of Piet Mondrian.

I watched Kurt Huizenga build this chair in our wood shop last semester.  It may look like a simple chair but it is harder to build than it looks.  To design something so simple that works this well is even harder.

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