A few people have approached me and I am getting the same questions…

  • Yes you have to use a 4×6 notecard not a 3×5 card, not a piece of paper cut down to 4×6, not museum board etc…  Use a notecard… they are inexpensive and work well as flashcards for you test
  • Yes group and collection means more than one piece
  • No do not put the name of the chair next to the picture. (these are flashcards)
  • There is a difference between Hillhouse Chair and Hillhouse Chair I…  Use Hillhouse Chair I
  • Yes your lettering matters… as on every project.
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8 Responses to Questions

  1. Brian says:

    If you have a question please leave it here so everyone can see it and benefit from the answer.

  2. audra says:

    Hey Brian,
    I’m looking up the chairs for the next group to do, and I am confused on the Meier Furniture Group. I’m coming up with a bunch of different things and wanted to just get some guidance so I can do the right thing.


    • Brian says:

      I believe it is armchair 810 but I will go to studio tomorrow and confirm it. I will post the answer here for everyone.

      • Brian says:

        Yes, armchair 810 is in the group. The group also contains a side table, a lounge chair, a dinner table, coffee table and counter stools. For this exercise you really only need to draw two… like the chair and a side table. I found it on page 176 of Modern Furniture Classics by Miriam Stimpson. It is one of the books in the blog’s suggested reading.

  3. Brian says:

    ok… several people have asked but I guess no one will post it here for a question so I will ask for you… What chair do we do for Henri Van De Velde? Which armchair is correct?

    • Brian says:

      Ok… Brian… I’m so glad you asked. I’m sure several people will be looking for that. It is Armchair, 1898-1899 It is on Page 32 of Modern Furniture classics, or, if you google it try (oak chair). In 1000 Chairs (which I highly recommend) it is on page 81. Look for a combination oak and upholstered chair with three verticals on each side of the back and a ornamental upholstery between.

  4. Nathan Howell says:

    If we’re looking for a specific chair design, but find multiple versions, can we cross reference them with you? Do you know if UNCG has the 1000 chairs book?

    • Brian says:

      Yes, it is in their library. I have a copy and will be back from the beach on Monday. If your looking for a specific chair design just ask… I should be able to direct you from here.

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